Our History

An influential force in the social and spiritual fabric of New York City, The Riverside Church is the home and guiding inspiration for The Weekday School.

The Church held its first service in its new Gothic cathedral on October 5, 1930 but its history as a congregation committed to progressive ideals reaches back to 1841 to a Meeting House on the Lower East Side.

While servicing the Morningside Heights community since the Great Depression, The Riverside Church has fought for racial and social justice, broad social inclusiveness and the eradication of poverty.  Its uniquely progressive tradition has drawn great leaders for social justice, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Archbishop Desmund Tutu, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama to speak from its pulpit.

Founded along with the Riverside Church in 1930, The Weekday School was one of the first early childhood programs in New York City and has long been a leader in innovative early childhood education.

Created to meet the needs of local families, we strive to provide excellent, affordable education for young children across all areas of our community.  The Weekday School, like the church, commits itself to celebrating diversity and educating children about social justice.