Faculty & Staff

Collectively, the Weekday School faculty brings nearly 400 years of experience in education to the children in our classrooms.  Among us, we hold 17 masters degrees in Education, not only in Early Childhood General Education but also in Art Education, Dance Education and Library & Informational Science.  Six of our teachers hold additional certifications in Special Education and in Early Childhood Bilingual Education, and three are completing master’s degrees in School Building Leadership.  Our undergraduate degrees include Communications, English, Philosophy, Physical Education, Psychology, History, Human Services, Environmental Science, and two of us graduated from FIT.

We’ve also been yoga instructors and music teachers, a sports journalist, a telephone operator, a Phys Ed teacher, a pattern designer and one of us holds a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for community service. All of us would be happy to read all day long, although some prefer mountains and others prefer the beach.  Many of us follow the sportsball teams so there are Mets fans, Yankee fans, Rangers fans, Giants fans and a couple of lapsed Yankee fans.  One of us is most likely Bruce Springsteen’s number one fan.

Most importantly, the Weekday faculty is committed to creating an environment that supports the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of children through play.

Debra Frankel
Head of School

Carla Buranelli-Secor
Director Of Admissions/Exmissions

Daina Cernauskas
Director of Communications/Development

Fallon Watson
Director of Programming

William Ramos
Administrative Assistant