Kindness at Weekday, today and everyday!  Weekday was founded in 1930, and one of its core values is to ‘educate children to change the world.’  Our school’s mission, inspired by the spirit of The Riverside Church, is to develop and nurture our core values of diversity, community, and empathy. 

Kindness at WDS, is the umbrella under which we will provide immersive learning experiences that include family education, where we teach about the diverse world we live in and share new opportunities for engagement.  Our goal is to engender empathy and build the foundation for life long social justice, providing ways to connect with the underserved and marginalized individuals, building community, and encouraging all of our families to participate in meaningful and age-appropriate social action activities.   Here is a peek into some of our past and present Kindness at WDS projects!

Together we are one big family!