Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Weekday School has a rich history of educating children to change the world. Established in 1930, The Weekday School is a non-denominational, early childhood school serving children ages two through five in a joy-filled, nurturing setting committed to addressing the unique needs of young children. Our school’s mission, inspired by the spirit of The Riverside Church, is to develop and nurture our core values of diversity, community, and empathy.


Weekday teachers draw upon a variety of proven approaches to foster community, individuality and creativity.  Supported by a collaborative and enthusiastic community of peers, parents and teachers, our children construct meaning through exploration, experimentation and reflection.  We are committed to tapping each child’s natural capacity and curiosity while developing awareness and respect for the natural world utilizing the wealth of resources available to us in New York City.

We believe that learning best occurs when new concepts build upon each child’s prior experiences.  By recognizing each child’s experiences and interests and including them in the curriculum, we affirm their individual backgrounds and cultures which results in a tremendous increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.  Our commitment to diversity extends across many faiths and traditions, and our children are provided with a culturally rich experience.  This approach leads to a strong emphasis on family involvement both inside and outside the classrooms.  Effective communication between parents and teachers in integral in building a level of trust, comfort and clarity within the school community.

Our Core Values

Diversity- The Weekday School cherishes and respectfully embraces the diversity and uniqueness of each individual child within a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. We cultivate an understanding of each other and move beyond simple acceptance to the celebration of the rich dimensions of diversity reflected in our community and our city.

Community- The Weekday School nurtures a strong sense of community and always welcomes families and friends into our classrooms to share traditions, experiences, and talents. Through active participation in the Parents Association, families provide leadership and assistance with both social and fundraising events.  Partnerships with local community entities provide additional resources to enrich our curriculum and create a bridge between the school and the community in which the children live. 

Empathy- The Weekday School honors each child as a unique individual with the goal of fostering self-awareness and self-respect.  This awareness leads to the development of each child’s sense of responsibility as part of a larger community. It is from this foundation that we strive to build a community of responsible and compassionate young citizens of the world.

External Partnerships

Partnerships with local community entities provide additional resources to enrich our curriculum and create a bridge between the school and the real-life community in which the children live.  Some of these partnerships include:

  •  A long-standing relationship with neighboring Teachers College and Bank Street College of Education which leads to optimal professional development opportunities for our teachers.
  • Collaboration with The Manhattan School of Music through the invitation of student musicians to perform in our space and the children attending special  musical events held at MSM.
  • Weekday partners with several outside professional consultants who provide information about on-going schools, both public and private and  who assist our teachers and families whose children present individual needs.
  • Community partnership The Riverside Church Food Pantry is ongoing on a weekly basis as well as other social action service programs.