Our History

Founded in 1841, The Weekday School was one of the first early childhood programs in New York City and has long been a leader in innovative early childhood education. Originally founded to provide support and a Monday through Friday, or “Weekday” education to children of the progressive Riverside Church community, the Weekday School has itself grown into a vibrant member of the Morningside Heights community while maintaining both its progressive roots and its home in the historic and beautiful Riverside Church.

At Weekday, our goal is to educate children to change the world by experiencing the values of diversity, empathy, and community, from the age of two through Kindergarten. Our Weekday families and faculty embody our ideals and come from all over New York City, and are richly diverse in their racial, religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds and family structures.

Weekday continues to embrace its historic connection to the Riverside Church and the Church’s long held commitment to racial and social justice, broad social inclusiveness, and the eradication of poverty.  Weekday students and their families participate in the Riverside Church food pantry, and find creative ways to support and bring joy to the Church’s elderly and more vulnerable members.

Our dedication to learning is not restricted solely to pencil and paper skills.  Although we are a “screen free” school, our students are encouraged to explore the world in different capacities,  encouraging the growth of conviction, courage and curiosity. We promote the development of basic skills life skills needed for daily interactions as well as strengthen the foundational skills needed to become a citizen of our world.