General Program Information

At Weekday, exceptional Early Childhood Educators collaborate with developmental specialists to implement a program that reflects children’s interests while meeting curricular goals. We create an engaging environment using high quality, open-ended materials for focused exploration and imaginative play. Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows teachers to facilitate the individual and group conversations that enhance analytical and creative thinking.  The relationships built by the teachers with each child and between the children themselves are the foundation of our learning community.  We intentionally create classrooms with an age range of about a year so that developmental similarities and variations work to stimulate individual growth.  All children have an opportunity to experience and practice additional methods of self-expression and communication with our Integrated Arts specialists during weekly classes in Art, Dance, Music and Literature.


2 to 3 year olds

In both the Part-Time and Regular programs, the daily routine and the activities are designed to give children an opportunity to develop attachments to their teachers as they are adjusting to separating from families and caregivers.  As teachers build individual connections with each child, they facilitate the development of the social skills and emotional regulation necessary to forming friendships. These relationships provide the foundation for a comfortable, lively community of learners. The day is structured to provide plenty of time for teachers to support children as they independently perform self-care tasks like putting on jackets and using the bathroom while they are learning traditional school routines such as lining up, walking in the hallway and participating in group conversations. Children are asked to identify and articulate feelings when working together to solve problems. Early academics such as letter recognition and number awareness are embedded in the classroom environment. Both indoor and outdoor play is part of the daily schedule. Children in these programs also take part in Art, Dance, Music and Library classes each week.

3 to 4 year olds

In the Morning, Extended Day and Full Day Programs, play based, emergent curriculum continues to focus on the social/emotional confidence essential for young minds to absorb academic information in the coming school years. Through literature, hand-on projects like woodworking and cooking, and collaborative problem solving, children use analytical skills like comparing/contrasting, making predictions and sequencing. As children become more proficient at self-care tasks, their responsibilities expand to include classroom jobs which nurture their perception of themselves as competent, capable members of a classroom community. Both indoor and outdoor play is part of the daily schedule. Children in these programs also take part in Art, Dance, Music and Library classes each week.

4/5 Kindergarten

In Room 715, the teachers introduce traditional academics within a child centered, play based classroom. While we continue to implement the emergent curriculum methods used with younger children at Weekday, Kindergarten teachers lead children toward in depth exploration and investigation. Using a social studies lens, the children research the Hudson River out their classroom window. Taking walks around the neighborhood leads to studies of architecture and gargoyles. Teachers work directly with children on handwriting, literacy and math skills. Both indoor and outdoor play is part of the daily schedule. Special classes in Music, Dance, Art, Sports and Literature are built into the regular schedule.

Integrated Arts

The Weekday School offers each child a rich variety of sensory experiences during weekly Visual Arts, Literature, Dance and Music classes. The arts teachers tailor classes to serve all students at a developmentally appropriate level, working from basic concepts to increasingly complex projects as the children mature and gain new skills. The Arts teachers collaborate with each other and classroom teaching teams to integrate various modes for self-expression into the daily fabric of the child’s experience and the school’s culture.

Visual Arts: Children will work with a rich variety of materials and techniques. Work in the Art Studio ranges from basic introductory exploration of new materials to long-term projects developed in tandem with classroom teachers and/or the arts team. Self-guided “open studio” time allows children to develop art preferences and time to return to favorite activities.

Dance: Work in the dance studio encourages a joy of movement while developing technical skills, communication skills and stretching creativity. As we connect and relate movement to music, literature, poetry and art, children’s relationship to dance is broadened. The dance curriculum cultivates each child’s ability to understand the roles of dancer, dance-maker and dance-viewer.

Music: In music class, students practice listening and responding to music in an imaginative way.  Stories and creative manipulation of instruments deepen appreciation of the music as students grow to create their own stories and sounds.  Various instruments are made available as students experience vibration and practice rhythm.  Students also discover and practice using their singing voices to sing songs related to the season or to classroom projects.  We come together as a Weekday Community once a month to celebrate and sing our songs together.

Literature: The Weekday School has a fully equipped library featuring over 1700 early childhood books as well as books on parenting for adults.  Our Librarian provides weekly library classes, afternoon Story Time sessions and Parent Workshops throughout the year.  An online catalog is allows the entire Weekday community to check on the availability of titles.

2019 – 2020 Program Options

Options for 2 year-olds (2.0 – 2.8 as of September 1)
2 Day – TTH (9 – 12 Noon) $10,430 $10,230
3 Day – MWF (9 – 12 Noon) $15,600 $15,300
5 Day – M – F (9 – 12 Noon) $21,340 $20,950
Options for 3 year-olds (2.9 – 3.8 as of September 1)
3 Day – MWF (8:45am – 12:30pm) $14,980 $14,690
5 Day – M – F (8:45am – 12:30pm) $19,760 $19,375
Option for 4 year-olds (3.8 – 4.9 as of September 1)
5 Day – M – F (8:45am – 12:30pm) $19,760 $19,375
Option for 4/5 year-olds (4.6 – 5.6 as of September 1)
5 Day – M – F (8:45am – 2:30pm) $24,990 $24,500

– All programs include daily lunch and snacks.
– 10% discount for 2nd child tuition.
– All families are required to use the Auto Payment form for deposit, tuition and fees. Payments must be set up using the Automatic Payment Form either through a credit
card or ACH checking accounts. Discounts only apply for ACH checking payments.
– Annual PA dues of $150 per family will be charged to the tuition account upon contract – Payment will be processed in December, 2019.
– Annual Fundraising Fee of $250 per family will be added to the tuition account upon contract– Payment will be processed in December 1, 2019.

Additional Programs

Before and After School Care
After the 12:30 dismissal, children who are with us for extended hours have a rest period.  Although the official rest time lasts 45 minutes, children who need longer naps will be given time to sleep comfortably.  Children who remain awake have quiet time on their cots with books and favorite stuffed toys from home.  When the rest period is complete, children conduct science experiments, participate in Sports & Games that build athletic skills and an understanding of rules, or visit the Art Studio for unhurried exploration of various materials.  They also have time to revisit favorite classroom activities and to continue curriculum projects with their teachers.  At 2:30 children move into a mixed-aged group for the duration of the afternoon. Teachers supervise a balance of unstructured outdoor play and relaxed indoor activities like cooking, print making, board games and block building. 

Families with children in the Regular Program for 2, 3 and 4 year-olds may arrange to pick up at 2:30 or 5:30.  There is a 5:30 pick-up option for children in the 4/5 Kindergarten.

All families may arrange to drop off children as early as 8:00am on days when children are enrolled in school.

Tuition information on these program options may be found here.

Optional Extracurricular Activities 

(Additional Registration and Fees Apply)
A wide assortment of optional After-School Activities are offered by both Weekday faculty & staff as well as visiting specialists in a variety of fields for an additional fee.  These activities are not part of the regular Full Day Program and are open to all children ages 3 – 5 enrolled in the Weekday School.   Some of the regular offerings include Soccer, Ballet, Cooking and Spanish.


For eight weeks from mid-June through early August, the Summerside camp program gives children an opportunity for uninterrupted, purposeful play supplemented by classes with our arts team and sports specialist. Campers are divided into two sections: Mini-camp for children ages 2.6 – 3.5 and Extended Day for children 3.6 – 5 years old. The 8th floor playground is our home base for the summer with sprinklers, water tables and extensive big block building. The festive atmosphere extends into lunch as Chef Christina presents International Food Fridays.

Extended Day campers go on one field trip each session to locations such as Greenburgh Nature Center in Scarsdale and the New York Hall of Science in Queens. Both Mini and Extended day campers visit Riverside and Sakura Park.

Summerside runs Monday through Friday and includes a morning snack and family style lunch. Mini-campers dismiss at 12:30. After lunch, Extended Day campers have a rest period followed by Science, Arts & Crafts and other small group activities supervised by the regular teachers. Older campers have the option to dismiss at 12:30 and add field trips as desired for an additional fee.

Summerside welcomes children who are not enrolled in the Weekday School during the regular school year.

Summerside begins on June 17 and concludes on August 9, 2019.  For complete tuition information, please see the Summerside registration form.

Summerside 2019 Tuition:

AM Session $450 per week
Extended Session $650 per week

Week #3 July 1st – 3rd
There is no camp on Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th.
AM Session $270
Extended Session $390

Early Registration Discounts:
**20% Discount when registering for 6 or more weeks by June 1, 2019.
**10% Discount when registering for up to 5 weeks by June 1, 2019.

Spring Break Camp

The Spring Break day camp is similar to our After School program.  Experienced Weekday teachers supervise children in a variety of enrichment activities as well as outdoor time in our large, well equipped play spaces.  Snacks and hot, family style lunch is provided daily.   Camps run Monday through Friday.  Doors open at 8:45 daily, and families may choose 12:30 or 2:30 dismissal times. Spring Break Camp is only open to current Weekday students.  Registration forms are in the school office.

Week 1:  March 18 – 22, 2019
AM Session (8:45 – 12:30) $375
Extended Session (8:45 – 2:30) $525

Week 2:  March 25 – 29, 2019
AM Session (8:45 – 12:30)  $375
Extended Session (8:45 – 2:30) $525

AM Sessions $675
Extended Sessions $945